MANGO HALL. In our recent travels to Jamaica, during a meeting with the resort management, we were told about a elementary school near by called Mango Hall Primary. Each student takes personal pride: shirts and slacks ironed, colors vibrant and spotless uniforms. Alas, the school is without electricity: no light or air conditioning.

Jamaica has been so so good to Paradise Challenge. It is only just to give back to Jamaica.

Our goal is to provide Mango Hall Primary with power for their students, but instead of just writing a check we dare to provide them with unlimited, self-sustainable power. We are proposing to install solar power panels to provide the school with a sustainable energy source for their electricity.

The Paradise Challenge are adopting Mango Hall Primary to insure the longevity of the school the comfort of the children and staff by providing them with a comfortable and accommodating facility.

OUR INTENTIONS. We intend to donate once a year through our Paradise Challenge open in September 2016. For every paid reservation to the Paradise Challenge Jamaica OPEN, we will provide one student with a book bag, paper pencils, crayons and adjustable crocs. This is our chance, not only as individuals but as a group, to make a difference in the lives of others. This is going to be a challenge for all of us who accept it. 

With your support, we believe we can make this school a great, safe and healthy place for educating these children.

We understand that some of you may be interested in giving a donation. We have created a dedicated donation option here. We welcome any size donation and thank you for giving.


Thank you for reading and for your support. If you are part of #TeamMangoHall, please share this message to raise awareness and hope for this cause.
Joel Alvarez
Founder, Paradise Challenge