Get Paid to Travel!

The Paradise Challenge offers an incentive program that allows you to travel the world and earn cash doing so. This program gives you the opportunity to earn a commission off of any reservations referred by you to any of our destinations. Each referral earns you a cash commission and or free all inclusive packages to an of our exotic destinations within our 2017-18 season.

Here's how it works:

There are two types of Destination Packages.

The first are Open Challenges (Jamaica, Maldives) held in resorts. $50 commission

The second are Private Challenges (Ibiza, Hawaii) held on private properties. $200 commission

Earn Cash!

You will be given a promo code which will be your first name. Give this code out to anyone you like to refer to our site that wants to purchase a package.

This code will allow any referrals to receive a $100 discount off any of our packages.

Earn you $50 commission for the open Challenges and $200 commission for the Private Challenges.

After 5 private Challenge referrals receive a $500 bonus! (Not applicable for Jamaica open referrals)

Earn Free Trips!

After 3 referrals you can trade in your commission for a free all inclusive package to one of our destinations of your choice within the 2017-18 season.

Bonus Challenge

The challenger with the most referrals throughout the year will receive the following:

A free Package to the Jamaica Open 2018

A feature in Maxim Magazine SA

$1000 Bonus Cash

Request a Promo Code

This incentive program is open to models, photographers, vendors and guests. To sign up, please send an email to with a promo code request. A code will be generated for you for you to begin earning cash and trips around the word.