Ibiza Challenger 411

Welcome to the World’s Largest Photo Shoot & All Inclusive Networking Experience in Ibiza!

This Information will keep you up to date with important event details and itineraries. 

Please take the time to carefully read through the following information.

*IF YOU HAVEN'T AREADY... please send your flight itinerary information to: joel@theparadisechallenge.com.


AIRPORT: Ibiza Airport - IBZ

  • WHEN: June 2nd - June 9th (Sunday - Thursday)
  • WHAT: All Inclusive Accommodations 
  • AIRPORT: When you come through customs walk out the terminal to the street and look for costa cafe it's on the airport drive way directly in front of Ibiza airport.


Joel Alvarez


Mariel Dolgicier


Steven France



Stay in contact: Make sure to download whatsapp and contact +1 786-287-5437 to be added to our group chat for current updates and details.

Ask your service provider about international plan to have service and data during your trip. Sim cards are available at local phone stores but we recommend your own service from the states.

Currency: The Euro is the currency in Ibiza, you can exchange your dollars at the airport. If you plan to shop or venture off on your own please make sure to bring some money but all major credit cards are accepted. (make sure to notify your bank you will be traveling so you cards are not blocked for suspicious activity

Identifications: A valid Passport is required for International travel to Ibiza. A valid driver license or government issue ID is also needed to complete proper model and photographer releases so please bring both.  
Your luggage and ALL personal belongings are subject to search during customs clearance. To reduce your chance of delays, PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY. Familiarize yourself with Ibiza (Spain) laws and protocols before your trip. 


Americans: Passport valid for period of intended stay and a return ticket or proof of onward travel. 90 days

UK nationals: UK citizens must hold a passport, but no visa is required for a maximum stay of 90 days.

Canadians: Canadians require a passport valid for period of intended stay and a return ticket or proof of onward travel. No visa is required for a stay of up to three months. 

South Africans: South Africans should apply in advance for a visa to enter Spain. Passports should be valid for at least three months beyond expiry date of visa. 

Australians: Australian citizens require a passport valid for at least period of intended stay. No visa is required for stays of up to 90 days.

New Zealanders: New Zealand nationals require a passport valid for the period of intended stay, but no visa is necessary for a stay of up to three months. 

Irish nationals: Irish nationals require a valid passport, but a visa is not necessary for a stay of up to three months.

Passport/Visa Note: The borderless region known as the Schengen area includes the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. All these countries issue a standard Schengen visa that allows the holder to travel freely within the borders of all. Non-EU nationals must hold a return or onward ticket. All visitors may be asked for proof of financial means for their stay in Spain.

Note: Passport and visa requirements are liable to change at short notice. Travellers are advised to check their entry requirements with their embassy or consulate...


BE PREPARED! Make sure to pack the following items and make the proper preparations before your trip.


  • 2 Forms of ID!  Passport is required for International travel to Ibiza.

  • Wardrobe: Several Swimsuits, cover ups, resort wear and accessories including jewelry, sunglasses, hats, etc.

  • Heels: Several pairs of heels. (Black, Nude, etc... NO clear heels.)

  • Nails: For Hands and Toes: No loud color polishes. Neutrals, nudes and blush only.

  • Body: All personal hygiene items (toothbrush, hairbrush, deodorant, etc.) Body oil for swimwear shoots. Sunblock. Avoid spray tan and unnatural tanning skin colors.

  • Beauty: Bring any needed makeup, lashes, etc. for all of your shoots.

  • Makeup and Hair Team will be available on site at affordable prices:

    • Make sure to schedule your appointments on location. Cash payment.

  • Packing: Bring enough for One Large Suit Case. Do Not Overpack!

LODGING. Be respectful of your roommate(s). You may be in a room with one other person. Respect their personal items, hygiene, and personal space.


Bring everything you need to capture you best images but only bring the necessary items. Do Not Overpack. Doing so will make it difficult to clear customs.


  • 2 Forms of ID!  Passport is required for International travel to Jamaica.

  • Equipment:

    • Try to maintain portable as we do hike to locations. 

    • Camera, Lenses, Flashes, Batteries, Chargers, etc... Please make sure to Label ALL of your equipment! Paradise Challenge is not responsible for lost, misplaced or damaged equipment.

    • Make sure to provide documentation for all your equipment. It may be subject for review by customs. 

Trip ItInerary

Saturday, June 2nd

Arrivals all day

4pm Check in 

-Food and Snacks at villa

-Explore the property

8pm Dinner 

-Orientation and release forms

-Schedules will be provide

-Paradise challenge bikinis by Graffinis to the first time models

Sunday, June 3th

8-11am Breakfast

-Jet lag recovery day at the Villa

2pm Lunch at Villa

4pm Load vans

5pm Suiz Museum

7pm Beneras Beach 

- (shoots optional, great sunsets)

8pm Sunset Drum circles - the drums will be going one all day but we will collectively gather around the drums at 8pm for the full experince

9:30pm Depart Beneras Beach back to villa

Monday, June 4th

8-11am Breakfast

-Shoot location PC Ibiza Villa

10am fitness training with Steven France of Body Compass

2pm Load Vans for departure to Bagatelle beach -Ladies will take a ride in exotic and luxury cars Provided by THE RIDE IBIZA to Bagatelle Beach 

3pm Shoot location Bagatelle Beach. 

-Bagatelle is a venue sponsor Provided by IBIZA DELICIAE providing complimentary food and drinks during the time of our visit. This a beautiful restaurant and pool party located in a beautiful cove beach facing the sunset. We will film the ladies exiting the cars and take some photos on the step and repeat before we begin to eat drink and shoot.

-Shoots are permitted all around the venue and beach. 

-you are more than welcome to shoot with the exotic cars on location and the beach. 

-Lunch and  Dinner are replaced with complimentary food at bagatelle beach

6pm Performance by Blacktapeproject

9pm Depart Bagatelle beach back to villa

Tuesday, June 5th

7-10am Breakfast at villa

10am fitness training with Steven France of Body Compass

12 Noon Load vans for departure to Marina

1pm Board Yachts to Formentera Beach - yachts provided by Moloko Charter (bring money if you wish to order food and drinks on the beach)

2pm Shoot at Formentera Beach and on Yachts - Special guest chef Alejandro Coto will cook for us on the yachts

7pm Depart Formentera Beach and return to marina

9pm Dinner at Villa with Special Guest Chef

Wednesday, June 6th

8-10am Breakfast at villa

10am fitness training with Steven France of Body Compass

12 Noon load vans for departure to Punta Galera

1pm Shoot at Punta Galera

2pm Lunch on location

8pm Depart Punta Galera return to villa

10pm Dinner at  Dos Lunas restaurant

Thursday, June 7th

7-9am Breakfast

8am Upgraded submission shoot packages will be scheduled individually

10am Depart villa

11am Cala Comte

3pm Depart Cala Comte back to villa to get ready for dinner

4am fitness training on location with Steven France of Body Compass

6pm Load vans for Departure to STK

7pm Paradise Challenge arrival at STK. Models will meet in the Marina parking lot for photos with THE RIDE IBIZA CARS directly in front of STK. followed by step and repeat photo ops in STK entrance. 

8pm Sponsored Dinner at STK

11pm live Performance by Blacktapeproject followed by Music and Drinks at STK

2am Depart STK back to villa

Friday, June 8th

8am Upgraded submission shoot packages take place again on June 8th at agreed scheduled times

8-10am Breakfast at villa

12 Noon Load vans for departure to Atlantis. (Atlantis is the most challenging but most breathtaking location of them all. This is a 750 meter hike down to the beach called the Eye of the Mediterranean where Arabian pirates have carved out the landscape to excavate the stone for their forts and walls, then a hike back up to the cars on to of the mountain. we have done this hike every year with the whole group and every says the same, IT"S WORTH IT. 

1pm Hike and Shoot at Atlantis

2pm Lunch on location - everyone will carry their own lunch and bottle water, we will have extra water on vans and snacks on location. 

8pm Hike back depart Atlantis return to villa

10pm Sponsored Table and drinks at Blue Marlin and Blacktapeproject show. 

1am Amnesia PC closing Party

Saturday, June 9th

11am Checkout


-Meals are prepared by Mariel Dolgicer (vegan) healthy and clean vegan and non -vegan options will be served. 

-Breakfast is served 7am to 10am

-Lunch is usually served on shoot location around 2pm

- the villa is always open for shoots

-Dinner times may vary but usually after 8pm

-Snacks and food aways available

-Hair and make up will be scheduled with Daisy usually starts at 5am

-All locations, times and activities subject to change at any time. 

-A social media post schedule will be provided to give shout outs and use the proper tags for our sponsored cars yachts, dinners and nightlife. it is very important to us that we give the sponsors proper recognition and exposure for their generosity and accommodations for our group. 

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