Paradise Challenge Sponsored Model

Congratulations!!! You have been selected to receive a complimentary package to the Paradise Challenge Sept 16 - 22, 2018 in Negril Jamaica. Your Package includes 6 night shared accommodations, all inclusive amenities, Unlimited beverages, meals, water activities, pool parties and games. Your prize is sponsored by the Paradise Challenge. You will be also representing the Paradise Challenge at the Jamaica Open in Negril. You will automatically be entered into the semi finals for a chance to win the Queen of Paradise Title and a one year appearance contract to Paradise Challenge Destinations

As a Paradise Challenge model search winner you will receive:

• Accommodations including 6 nights to the Paradise Challenge and Bikini Music Fest Sept 16 -22 (Room to be shared with 2 other models)
• Access to photo shoots with top photographers
• A complimentary makeup and hair application
• At least one complimentary Black Tape Project photoshoot
• VIP ticket to the Catamaran Party.
• Access to pool parties, theme parties and events.
• Automatically advanced to the Paradise Challenge semi finals


• Properly represent the paradise challenge during the events.
• Promise to appear at all events, photoshoots etc.
• Be present and professional for all assigned shoots with participating photographers.
• Participate and be professional in and at all Parties, scheduled gatherings, Games and Challenges and encourage others to participate.
• Attend group dinners and scheduled meetings for daily updates
• Attend and act professionally in all Black Tape Project presentations.
• Be an ambassador for the Mango Hall Charity.

Details on link below:

Social Media Responsibilities

• Instagram bio must state: Paradise Challenge
• Must mention Paradise Challenge Once a week on story up to event date.
• Post event material on feed once every 2 weeks for one year after the event date (ok to delete after one week)
• Follow on all social media all partners sponsors and brands supporting the event (list provided below)
• Turn on notifications and be active on PC posts.
• Posts on instagram stories at least 3 times a day during shoots and activities during the stay
• Upload top content throughout/during the trip on Instagram feed at least twice a day
• Any content developed professionally or candid must be tagged and credited with Paradise Challenge and participating sponsors & Paradise Challenge will be credited first followed by everyone involved.

Credit requirements as follows: Credit @Paradisechallenge Tag @Paradisechallenge Hashtag #Paradischallenge #Jamaicaopen #Queenofparadise


Our incentive program allows you to earn money for your referral, discounts for your friends and more.

• Super discounted rate for your model friends
• Create a promo code with word of choice
• Receive 10% of any reservations referred by you
• Receive reimbursement on your flight after 3 referred reservations


Queen of Paradise
One winner will be selected by voted from the judges/sponsors. In order to qualify challenger must participate in all games and activities. inner will be announced during award ceremony and crowning on the final dinner.

• 1 year contract, all expenses paid (sponsored) at all destinations with in the 2018-19 season • Photoshoots with all Celebrity Guest photographers
• Black Tape Project Photo shoot Gold or Platinum Edition
• Bikini care Package by Graffinis swimwear
• UE MEGA BOOM (Bluetooth/ water proof speaker)
• Funboy Luxury Float
• more to be announced

Stone Winners

The winners of Scheduled Challenges on Game days will receive a destination stone, granting them access to that destination as listed on that Stone. Stones can only be won in the Jamaica Open Games

• All inclusive accommodation at that destinations Paradise Challenge
• Black Tape Project Photo shoot Gold or Platinum Edition
• Bikini care Package by Graffinis swimwear
• UE MEGA BOOM (Bluetooth/ water proof speaker)
• Funboy Luxury Float
• More to be announced

EVENT location:
Hedonism II resort, Negril Jamaica. September 6to 22, 2018